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Counseling that empowers you to overcome challenges & create a more meaningful life


It's time to grow in the ways you've always wanted to but never thought were possible.

If you choose to work with me, you will learn about the patterns that have been holding you back from living the life that you love. You’ll learn the skills you need to navigate those bad days and still show up in the ways that matter. And along the way, you’ll feel fully supported, you’ll finally feel understood, and you’ll start to feel like yourself again.

My Work

I specialize in working with anxiety, eating disorders, body-image related issues, and trauma.

Each client is unique, so I tailor my approach to fit you specifically. Generally, I use a combination of ACT Therapy and AEDP. That means that I have a trauma-informed approach that focuses on the counseling relationship. And I implement mindfulness and other strategies to help you change your relationship with your thoughts + feelings AND get back in touch with who you want to be in life. 

Your needs

You're ready for real, lasting change and deep healing.

Most of my clients would describe themselves as professional adults who care about living more meaningful, balanced lives. I specialize in working with individuals who experience anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.  I can help you find relief from the pain of break-ups and find healing from the trauma of toxic relationships. Whether you are here with negative self-talk, poor body-image, consistently feeling overwhelmed, or imposter syndrome, I’m here to help you. 

The Specifics

What to expect & frequently asked questions

Standard sessions are 45-50 minutes each. I let you decide whether in-person sessions or telehealth sessions are best for you. The first 1-2 sessions are spent reviewing my policies and chatting about your background so we can come up with a gameplan.  I encourage starting off with weekly sessions so we can really build trust and momentum.

Therapy is an investment in your mental health and overall well-being. We are usually willing to invest in gym memberships, hair stylists, and upscale skincare products. Choosing to invest in therapy is equally important, and (in my opinion) even more rewarding.

Standard 45-50 minute session – $175

Yes! Because I believe that therapy should be accessible, I maintain a specific number of income-based rates and student rates. 

Be sure to ask me about these reduced rates to find out more.

In short, no I do not accept insurance. More often than not, insurance carriers dictate which therapist(s) you can meet with, how long, and what therapy looks like… Even if it’s not the best fit or best approach. Between these restrictions and many more reasons you can learn about here, I choose not to accept insurance.

I can bill session costs to your HSA/FSA card and provide a superbill that you can submit to your carrier for out-of-network reimbursement. You’ll want to check your benefit options to see if they offer reimbursements.

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